CACS strives to be a credible and value-adding certification body

CACS Auditors

We aim to achieve this through the level of customer service that we provide, both through our offices and by our auditors. It is therefore critical that we continue to maintain the highest level of auditing skill in all our assessments. To do this, we must ensure that all Compliance Australia Certification Services auditors have been reviewed for suitability using a thorough recruitment process and that all audit teams are appointed to an assessment in a controlled manner.

Our auditor recruitment process has been designed to examine the auditing suitability of a potential auditor and to identify his or her ‘scopes of competence’; those business activities for which the auditor has clear demonstrable technical knowledge and experience, sufficient that they may be classified as ‘scope competent’.

The definition of an auditor’s ‘scopes of competence’ then enables their appointment to an audit team through a careful ‘matching’ process with the client company’s business scope.

It is this process of auditor recruitment and appointment that ensures all our assessments are carried out by audit teams that possess a clear understanding of the client company’s business type.

Guidance is provided to all our auditors in the form of a Compliance Australia Certification Services Auditor Handbook. Training is provided on its contents, which outline the audit methodology and reporting technique to be used throughout our assessments. An ongoing review process is in place to monitor continued auditor performance in line with Compliance Australia Certification Services requirements.

Due to the frequent extension of our accredited scopes and the continual growth of our client base, we are always keen to find new associate auditors to work with. If you would like to work with Compliance Australia Certification Services as an associate auditor, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact your closest Compliance Australia Certification Services office.

We will initially require a detailed CV and an outline of your potential areas of expertise. We will then be able to discuss the opportunity to meet and arrange for the processing of your recruitment.

Our core group of lead auditors and auditors is located throughout Australia. In addition, we have Compliance Australia Certification Services auditors in affiliates through out the world.

Taken all together, our auditors have an average of 10+ years of experience. In fact, two of our auditors have over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Our ISO auditors maintain Auditor and Lead Auditor credentials issued by and in compliance with RAB/QSA, and have extensive Lead Auditor and Program management skills.


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