Our aim is to be the National leader within the certification services industry, building upon our brand, integrity, unique network and the excellence of our people. We will drive our leadership with enthusiasm and vigour into new related markets and with a total commitment to providing solutions for our customers. It is difficult to imagine a more national company.

Minerals Services

Minerals Services is the market leader, delivering a broad spectrum of services to clients concerned with value chains associated with coal and coke, fertilizers, non-ferrous and precious metals and steel making raw materials. Its expertise, extensive laboratory network and comprehensive sampling procedures meet the global service requirements of clients engaged in exploration, mineral and coal processing, power generation, risk management and seaborne trade in bulk commodities. Minerals Services develops strategic partnerships with clients in order to enhance performance.

Oil Gas & Chemicals Services

Oil, Gas and Chemicals Services is the leading global provider of trade inspection and testing services, quality assurance, risk management and technical support services to the petroleum and chemical industries. Areas of expertise include: quantity and quality control during custody transfer, laboratory testing; automatic sampling; static and dynamic calibration; gas technical services for the conditioning and purging of gas carriers; lubricant predictive maintenance testing; packing and forwarding of samples; tank and container inspection services; offshore support services and logistics; together with contract laboratory and terminal manning and management.

Systems and Services Certification

CACS is the leader in the management systems and services certification market.We share with you the wealth of years of experience in certification across major industries in the world. We provide you with innovative services that help you build a lasting competitive edge in today and tomorrow’s markets. We offer auditing and value-added services and related training in a wide range of management systems. We are focused on delivering an organised and dynamic stream of processes to improve your organisation’s operating performance.

Industrial Services

Industrial Services covers all types of services related to quality and safety in industry provided through the CACS network. Clients rely on such services as site inspection, expediting, material testing, asset management, risk management, vendor pre-qualification surveys, design reviews, commissioning, statutory inspections and certification, QA/QC services, training and technical consultancy, etc. These services can be applied during new construction or when upgrading assets as well as to support maintenance, reliability and integrity during operation.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services delivers against the needs of companies to address environmental regulatory compliance issues and to reduce the risk of environmental liability. Our global ecosystem, encompassing air, water, land and habitats supporting both plant and animal life, is affected daily by both natural and human factors. Environmental pollution is one of them. It affects people from all walks of life equally and will threaten our public health worldwide if not controlled and abated. Therefore national governments and international organisations encourage industries to make environmental management part of their regular operations.

Our People

CACS employs a number of personnel in a diversity of technical and non-technical occupations across numerous locations. As an organisation we are committed to the development of talent and expertise and provide opportunities for our people to continually grow and learn in their chosen careers. CACS is committed to a culture of Integrity and Diversity, and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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