Bill Chance started his career as an engineer and Logistics Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force and then followed this with various rolls in the waste management industry.

He has been exposed to a wide range of disciplines in both a formal, hands on roll, as well as by tertiary education.

Bill's experience is diverse and covers these areas:


Because Bill's experience is so wide and varied and includes the disciplines of Safety, Quality and Environmental competencies, he has also been in involved in the development of numerous integrated systems within the above industries.

Bill's experience is not limited to just auditing within Australia. He has also audited in other countries such as China, Malaysia, Tahiti and Korea. These experiences have expanded his skills to cover international standards in an international forum.

It was because of Bill's involvement with these industries that it became apparent that the 3rd Party Accreditation industry needed to deliver service excellence as well as value for money, otherwise the industry was in fear of becoming seen as redundant.

It is because of what industry was saying that Bill decided to pull together some industry leaders and commence operations as a local Queensland based 3rd Party Accreditation Service to be called Compliance Australia Certification services.


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