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McDonald Keen Group

The Company

McDonald Keen Group is a construction company operating out of Brisbane Queensland. The company employs around 75 people.

The Issues

Seeking ISO 9000 registration was a corporate decision.

The Benefits

• Since ISO 9000 registration the awarding of successful tenders have increased by 20%.
• Customer complaints decrease at a yearly rate of 2 to 6%.
• CASC follow up audits are very helpful in ensuring continuous improvement and learning.
• Having a long-term relationship with CACS is very helpful because the auditors have an in-depth knowledge of the company's business.

Once certified, McDonald Keen experienced many benefits from the quality management system, and the documentation proved to be very helpful. Prior to registration knowledge used to be owned by experts, and this caused problems particularly when employees left the company. Once the documentation system had been established, knowledge of all processes was accessible by everyone. It is easily available for associates across the organization to share practices and the organization does not solely depend on experts anymore.

Work instructions are of tremendous help in ensuring consistency of workflow within a shift and when handing over from shift to shift. The ISO 9000 quality management system helped improve day-to-day work. Employees are able to refer back to written procedures when seeking help or solving a problem. In the past, they had to do a seek help from another person.

ISO 9000 supported developing an approach for investigating reasons of product failures.

This resulted in better product quality, and it is believed that this improvement supported an increase in the company’s market share. Since ISO 9000 registration, customer complaints decrease at a yearly rate of 2 to 6%.

Staff are very supportive because ISO 9000 has had a positive effect on the business, demonstrated by improved productivity and more effective operations. During the preparation for registration, every employee was interviewed and processes were written down, helping to improve processes immediately, and introduce a culture of continuous improvement. The system also ensures consistency and tracks improvements to processes by documenting any suggestions or alterations made by employees.

Employee training has improved and new employees are able to refer back to written procedures when needed. The ISO 9000 quality management system is used as a management information system and also to communicate to staff.

Compliance Australia’s Role

CACS supported the initial registration process indirectly by being a registration body for the whole organization.

Since becoming registered, McDonald Keen has worked with the same Client Managers from CACS, and this long-term relationship has enabled the auditors to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the company’s business. CACS follow-up audits are particularly helpful in ensuring continuous improvement and learning. They also help maintain a high standard of the quality management system and identify any areas for improvement.

About the System

McDonald Keen is in the process of building a paperless system. At present, half of the documentation is online, providing improved access. The ISO 9000 quality management system is used as a communication tool throughout the organization.

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